You’ve got the latest irons. The pro has been patiently working on your swing for years. You practice as often as your time allows. But in the golfing arms race … your playing partners are doing exactly the same as you.

What else can you do to find that competitive edge?

Enter the world of modern nutritional supplementation. The latest research and technology leveraged to enhance your performance on the tees, fairways and greens.

We’ve looked out a combination of premium supplements which could help you:

  • Reduce stress and improve mental outlook
  • Enhance your joint health & flexibility
  • Increase energy levels and endurance
  • Support sharp visual acuity

And ultimately take your game to the next level

We’ve compiled our Top 3 recommendations, supplements which will be particularly useful to golfers. Let’s tee off.

joint health

Joint Health & Flexibility

If you are a decent player you could be taking 85 shots in a round. Add in your practice swings and the time on the driving range prior to tee off and you could easily be swinging that club over 200 times.

That’s for the best 25% of players – statistically 45% of golfers shoot over a 100 (1). And that’s when you are play one round a day, you go on a golf trip with your buddies and it could easily be two.

It can start to take a toll on your wrists, elbows, knees, and shoulders.

Common joint issues that golfers experience include:

  • Joint soreness – impacts performance when playing golf. As a result, this can force you to reduce how often you play the game.
  • Golfer’s Elbow – this is a condition where you have chronic tendon inflammation, which can turn your enjoyment of the game into an agony.
  • Poor flexibility– loss of mobility in your joints can severely restrict your swing.

Painkillers will reduce soreness but they only mask the issue. Fret not, though. The latest generation of supplements for joint health offer joint pain relief, renewal, and mobility support.

Product Recommendation

The benefits you’ll experience from Performance Lab Flex include:

  • Smooth flexibility – flexibility to enhance your swing and enable rotation.
  • Joint-shock absorption – playing the game is easier on your joints.
  • Connective tissue comfort – concentrate on your game without joint discomfort.

Anger Management

Mental Strength & Stress Levels

We’ve chosen an interesting pick for our second golf supplement because it should help your game on two fronts.

You might expect us to focus on the strength and endurance aspect of the game. However, the guy that lifts the trophy at Augusta every year is never built like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Sure, when you have the perfect swing of a professional you can add power and aggression, for club golfers it is all about calm finesse.

Our second supplement is a testosterone boosting product with it’s emphasis on mental calmness. It has been designed to tackle the stress hormone cortisol, reducing stress and increasing focus and energy.

So whilst a product like this will normally focus on the strength and libido aspects of testosterone, we are treating those as a bonus.

We recommend it to golfers based on it’s ability to help you enjoy your game more. And hopefully your life in general.

Product Recommendation

The current top-rated test booster available is Centrapeak. It uses a unique formula with natural and clinically backed ingredients to improve your:

  • Stamina & Energy levels – More energy and drive to practice and play more often.
  • Strength & Endurance– Achieve peak fitness levels for an extra spring in your step on that fairway.
  • Mental state – Become more resilient to stress, have higher self-confidence when playing against your opponents.


Visual Acuity & Eye Health

Reduced visual acuity could be the culprit for dropped shots and poor game performances. You’ll need sharp eyes to help you:

  1. Gauge distances
  2. Assess the trajectory of a golf ball in the air
  3. Pick out the ball in flight – and where it lands (hopefully the fairway)
  4. Perceive depth, judging the slope of the surface (crucial during putting)
  5. Spot potential pitfalls and undulations in the distance

When you are on the course, intense blue light from the sun also poses a serious concern for eye health.

A good vision supplement should not only boost your ocular blood flow but also protect your eyes from blue light damage. We chose Performance Lab Vision due to the quality of ingredients and the research-backed formula.

Product Recommendation

  • Contrast sensitivity – Performance Lab Vision supports your retinal rhodopsin. In other words, it enables you to detect dark from light and vice versa. So it’ll help you pick out a dark ball against a blue sky – then a white ball in front of green trees.
  • Eye fatigue – Blue light can cause eye strain. By blocking the negative impacts on blue light, you’ll prevent eye fatigue and maintain peak visual acuity at crucial moments.
  • Motion detection – Be able to precisely assess the ball’s trajectory, and assess wind cross wind speed.

Final Thoughts on Best Supplements For Golfers

If you’ve reached the milestone of 40, 50 or 60, you may have started to experience deterioration in joints, vision, or T levels. The supplements recommended here to reduce these problems and improve your game are all made in the USA and fully disclosed – so you know exactly what is in them and in what quantities.

Our current favorite is Centrapeak. It is all about overall mental and physical vitality; reducing your stress levels and strengthening your motivation, giving you the boost needed to excel on the course.

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