Brussels sprouts are small vegetables that look like miniature cabbage. They contain high proportions of protein, herbal fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The traditional enemy of all children globally, there are many health benefits of consuming Brussels sprouts;

1. Perfect food for weight loss

Thanks to their low glycemic index, Brussels sprouts are often seen on the menu of those trying to cut the pounds. There are only 45 calories in 100 grams of Brussels sprouts. At the same time, there are 3.38 grams of protein and 3.8 grams of plant fibers. We’re not done yet! The best thing is, Brussels sprouts do not contain cholesterol.

2. They’re rich in antioxidants

Brussels sprouts contain a large number of antioxidants such as indole, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These phyto-ingredients have been shown to combine forces to fight prostate cancer, bowel cancer, and uterine cancer.

Sprouts also contain sinigrin. It is an ingredient scientists believe kills cancer cells and prevents the development of bowel cancer.

Zeaxanthin, found in Brussels sprouts, is an essential ingredient that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevents gray hair from appearing.

3. They strengthen the immune system

Brussels sprouts are excellent sources of vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins help our body fight against harmful free radicals. Vitamin A is important for maintaining healthy mucous membranes and is also essential for eye health. Research has shown that foods rich in vitamin A play the key role in protection against lung cancer and cancer of the mouth cavity.

Brussels sprouts are one of the best sources of Vitamin K. In 100 grams of this vegetable, there are 177 milligrams of vitamin K. This is about 150% of the recommended daily dose! Vitamin K plays a major role in bone health, reduces the damage of the nervous system, and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Brussels sprouts are full of fiber

Fiber is essential for the health of your digestive system. Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber. This leads to regulated levels of sugar in the blood.

5. They’re good for your bones

Thanks to a high content of vitamin K, Brussels sprouts are an excellent choice if you want to keep your bones healthy. Vitamin K is a very important factor in maintaining and increasing the density of your bones. This is especially important for women in menopause and those fighting osteoporosis.

Brussels Sprouts

Prefab Sprout – Buying & Storing Tips

First, let’s give you a few tips on choosing and storing Brussels sprouts. You should pay attention to their appearance before buying them. Pick naturally grown, smooth, and firm ones. Also, look for those with a compact green bulb.

Pay attention to the color. It should be green and fresh. Also, avoid those that look like they are sagging or have folded, dry leaves.

Once purchased, they can stay fresh for up to 10 days if properly stored in the fridge. Put them in a plastic bag so that you can wrap them tightly and expel any air. Do not wash them before placing them in the refrigerator because the exposure to water will speed up the process of decay.

How to prepare Brussels sprouts

Wash them well with running water just before preparation. Don’t soak them in water for a long time, as they will lose some nutritional value.

Many people think that they must cook Brussels sprouts for a long period of time. Nutrition experts point out that it takes only 5 minutes to cook a Brussels sprout. People usually overcook them.

If you cook them longer than that, they’ll become too soft, their taste will be poor, and you will not benefit from the chlorophylls, as they’ll be lost. You will notice this if the color of Brussels sprouts becomes light green, i.e. it fades. Over cooking also results in hydrogen sulfide being released, creating an odor that negatively affects its smell and taste.

Criss Cross

Do not cut crosses into the bottom of the sprouts! This traditional tried and tested Dinner Lady technique virtually guarantees overcooking, and bears much responsibility for sprouts’ reputation as a culinary villain.

What should you do then? We recommend you to do the following. Steam them for 5 minutes. Or alternatively chop them into four pieces, let them sit for 5-10 minutes and then drizle with lemon juice before oven roasting in olive oil.


Don’t restrict brussels sprouts to Christmas dinner, as we’ve seen there are many reasons to embrace the mighty sprout year round.
You are rich in vitamins and proteins and don’t have many calories. Plus they are inexpensive and easy to find.

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